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Our Experience

ClickCom Inc., is an Internet Solutions Provider in our 7th year of operations, head-quartered in Charlotte NC. www.ClickCom.comís core products and services consist of  our award winning content management systems, web design,  database development, graphic design and hosting services.

Internet, Extranet and Intranet system design is accomplished utilizing our flagship product www.sitewizard.biz. Sitewizard.biz (SW) is a web based, modular, rapid web site development tool that assists us in bringing our clients a high quality, functional web presence at a competitive price.

Our hosting services include shared hosting as well as managed and colocation services.

Our domain related e-mail service enables our clients to communicate and market effectively through the use of their branded e-mail systems.

During the past 6 years, ClickCom Inc., has gained an international reputation for high quality web applications and friendly, helpful customer service. Our expertise has been in creating turnkey Web applications and sites that make it easy for the web site owner or administrator to maintain the content on their web sites themselves through a typical browser such as Internet Explorer and/or Netscape without the need of any programming knowledge or third party software.

Our programming and database management team is proficient in many platforms including ASP, Coldfusion, PHP, Perl, Javascript, SQL, MySQL and Access. Our designers are also proficient in professional graphic design as well as and Flash animation.

Our state-of-the-art data center which houses client servers and web sites includes such amenities as Data Security, Fire protection, Climate-Control, Full redundancy, and back up diesel generator. Other amenities include a theater auditorium and private meeting rooms.

Our Methodology for Developing or Redesigning a Web Site:

ClickCom, Inc. utilizes a time-honored, phase-based development methodology. In this process, project development is fractured into overlapping phases, with deliverables and benchmarks at certain points along the way:

  1. The Graphics Phase: The graphics phase is divided into the following sub-phases and their associated deliverables:
  • Graphics Interview: We schedule a one-hour meeting between the client and a member of our graphics team. The purpose of this meeting is for the designer to begin to learn about the nature of the company and to develop a sense of design elements that are important to the client. Therefore, it is important that the client is prepared for the meeting having thought through these design issues and is ready to discuss them with the designer. It is also helpful have the web addresses of a few web sites that embody some of the desired design elements. In addition, if there are specific images (such as a logo) that the client wished to have included in the graphic design, it is helpful to have a digital version for the graphics interview. Work on the design cannot begin until the designer has all of the needed materials. The time for the graphics interview is included in the bid for the graphics portion of the project.
  • Web Site Flow and Navigation Sign-Off: Either before or during the graphics interview, agreement is reached regarding the navigation of the site, including the exact button names that will be used. Agreement must be documented in writing via a signed form.
  • Design Mock-Up: Following the graphics interview, the ClickCom designer will begin working on a design idea for the web site graphics. At the end of this process (which is typically 1-2 weeks), a screen-shot image of the mocked-up design is uploaded to the Web, and the client is sent, via email, a web address to go to in order to review the design. The image that is posted at this point is only a mock-up; therefore there is no web interactivity to it (i.e., no programming behind it).
  • Mock-Up Approval and Sign-off: Upon viewing the mock-up, the client then replies (typical expected turn-around time is 1 week) either with signed approval or one set of requested modifications. In the latter case, once the requested changes are completed, the client is again notified via email, and a quicker turn-around time is expected for obtaining sign-off. After graphics sign-off, any modifications to the design become more complicated and are therefore billable at ClickComís current graphics hourly rate.
  • Graphics Mark-Up and Completion: Upon signed approval of the design, the ClickCom designer will finish designing the site and will mark it up in HTML and hand it off to the programmer.
  1. The Programming Phase: Depending upon the complexity of the project, the programming phase is less fractured than the design phase. In this case, the sub-phases are:
  • Simultaneous with the design phase, ClickCom creates a detailed project scope document. This document is a more refined one than the original high-level design document that was generated in the proposal phase. It is a document of sufficient detail to guide the programmerís work and to use as a benchmark for assessing the quality of work at project completion and obtaining client acceptance of the work.
  • Writing the code for all of the pages and functionality of the web site: unless the complexity of the functionality of the web site is such that it necessitates additional "mock-ups" of some of the pages, all of the programming is done in this phase, without deliverables along the way.
  • Upon completion of the programming, the web site goes through an initial round of testing and debugging at ClickCom.
  • Posting the site on the development server: Once the initial round of debugging is finished, the web site is posted on ClickComís development server, and the client is sent, via email, a web address to use in order to go to the web site and try it out. Additionally, the client is sent the login information that will be required for trying out the administration section. ClickCom recommends that this phase be used as a second round of testing by the client. In the event that ClickCom is also populating the website with the content (i.e., text and pictures in the content area of the pages), this is the time at which that will occur.
  • Approving the web site: Once the client has finished thoroughly testing the programming (typical turn-around is 1-2 weeks), the client is expected to reply either with signed approval or with one set of requested modifications/fixes. In the latter case, the requests are compared against the signed project scope, and if any of the requested changes fall outside of the original scope, a Change of Scope, including any modifications to the project bid, must be documented and signed. At that point, the changes will be completed by the programmer, and sign-off received on the web site.